Time tunnels

Faena Arts Center

«Old fashionned engineering, just motion, gravity and time» said Harley Mayenschein, the inventor of the first rolling ball clock.
Since the 3rd millenium man has needed to analyse, count and compare data. Man used his hand, finger or forearm to calculate lenght and time
was measured in sun cycles.
The mysterious relationship between time and space has always challenged scientists as well as philosophers.
Time tunnels is an installation that wants to explore this relationship by constructing an apparatus that sets into motion two points A and B , in
pursuit of another through a complex tunnel system.
The tunnel becomes a sort of « assault course » plunging A and B in an impossible race dictated only by the law of gravity.
The interest lies in the interval between these two points, sometimes narrow, sometimes far apart, always flexible but constant in its displacement,
moving foward into an infinite cycle.